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I am Skunkie Mephit, one of the (more or less) kyooot skunk morphs running around on FurryMuck. You can read about some of my adventures here, and for the more visually oriented of you (those who just look at the pictures) there's a couple of artists' impressions of me as well.
Fur starters, here's a little picture of me. Well someone like me anyway, it's a sketch made by someone trying to draw me really. ;) And what you see here is only part of it; click on my nose to see a bit more!

Oh yes, I've got other characters, and a (human) player too. The reason they are not mentioned here is that I'm supposed to be an "undercover fur" - one of those known only as a character. A few of my friends know my true identity, the rest of the world knows me as Skunkie Mephit.
I've tried to get a bit of an offmuck identity, first by getting an email address from a service that isn't available any more (not for free at least), and then by starting a website at another place that also threw in the towel recently. It sounded so great when they offered "unlimited" space but it turned out to be their time that was limited. Oh well.
Anyway here at Tripod I've got 50 MB, which should still be enough for everyone's (?) pictures of me as well as my art collection and some cat pictures.
Oh yes, and in between this I also got a new email address.

A different look

Some of my muck friends like to surf the web while they're mucking (not me, I like to concentrate on one thing...) and once someone on a different muck was exploring Buylink, which is basically a big catalog of all kinds of bric-a-brac (cute word), when he found a bottle opener (!) inspired by his character's species. The others started looking too and were surprised to find... no raccoons! (There's a great untapped market there if you ask me! ;)) I was lucky however and found objects representing the species of all my characters. The picture to the left is the only skunk I found... ;)

This little fellow suddenly started belonging here a bit more when AltarSkunk [Links's alive again! Woohoo!] sent me a big box with a small skunk in it. (It looks just like the picture and is currently sitting on my monitor and watching my player typing this, but I have a feeling they're not exactly the same product. Mine is a Beanie Baby®, but the one on Buylink is listed as a "sand filled skunk" if I remember correctly.)

But of course the Ty people are not the only ones who have created skunk likenesses for decorative or other purposes! One fine day a friend of mine was cruising around Ebay when he came across a cute little figurine of an unusual colour (and once you get as far as reading my descriptions you'll find that it something I can relate to! ;)). I decided to save a couple of the pictures after cropping them a little, and that's what you see to the left. The smaller picture that is. To see a bigger one, click on the thumbnail. This little cutie was created by Norcrest, whoever that is...

Talking of looks, I recently got a new icon for my MUD client. ;) Look left and right to see what the images look like.
Click the left one to see a little picture I made by putting the images together. If you've got an Amiga you can download the original icon by clicking on the right image.

Speaking of friends...

Time to get a bit more personal again. To the right is a little picture of my friend (and virtual room mate) Nikon, who is kind of named after the camera she always carries with her. Click her tail for a bigger version of the picture, or check out her own site for some RL photos taken by her player. There's also a little corner with drawings made of her (and some alts) by various artists.
Nikon and I go way back, even before Skunkie and Nikon! We first met during our first time on FurryMuck playing a couple of pretty boring characters, then our players created us, and to make a long story short, life hasn't been the same since then!

She turns up in some unexpected places now and then too... At first I wasn't sure if this was her or someone with the same name, hobby and species (yeah right!), then I discovered this artist has a site on Yerf as well, with some comments on the picture and a few others.

Other friends include Shivers (who even included me in his list of protectors, so if you upset him you can say goodbye to your old scent) and Kamida (who I still consider a friend even though her silly human is saying bad things about me).

Skunkie © 1998-2008 her player (YAY I'M TEN!) * Artwork © 1998 Mark Vega * Photo © 1998 Buylink
Nikon © 1998-2008 her player * Nikon art © 1999 Kattrina
All rights reserved, and we're one big happy family! Woohoo!
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Hmmm. Skunks are usually mostly black, and in the cartoons cats of that color frequently get mistaken for us after a quick paint job. And meeting a skunk can be pretty bad luck too...
What I'm getting at? Run your pointer over the links above and check what my Skunk Ring ID is! <G>

And finally a word for those who think this is the only page on this site...
You're supposed to click on the picture, you stupid fox!